Consultant to set up miner

I am a small business owner with 20 years earning based on marketing services. Am considering mining (beyond Helium) but need a consultation and willing to pay. Do you know anyone reliable that could help me with:
-discussion on final coin decision (beyond looking at whattomine sites).
-GPU and software set up
-periodic Q&A
I admit I’m not terribly technical, so need some help. Ideally it would be someone in Seattle metro area but fine with remote too.

Thank you for your time.

You mentioned GPU mining, which means you need to consider that Ethereum is transitioning to staking from mining. This hasn’t happened yet but we know it’s coming. How long? We don’t know and it could be a bad investment. Also, you have to consider what other coins you’d be willing to mine. I can’t give you any advice on that decision, I’m not experienced with GPU mining. It would be a good idea to establish specific goals and decide what to do from there. Good luck!