Control Board for Goldshell KD-BOX

I’m looking to replace my control board of a Goldshell LT Box Miner…
I see that on Ebay they have one control board for all 4 box miners.
What will make the control board an LT Box?

Software and hashing boards most likely.

I had to order a replacement board for a HS BOX. I ended up contacting Goldshell and they sent me one. Unfortunately mine was no longer under warranty so it did cost $106 with shipping.

Reviving this thread. I have the same issue with a KD Box-missing out on 1 KD per day ($5) while I wait for a new control board from Goldshell (assuming they’ll respect the warranty and send me one).

In the meantime, can I use the control board from my worthless CK Box to get my KD Box working again while I wait for it?

Unfortunately no. They are different for each miner model and will not recognize KD hashboard if it’s a CK control board.
Ebay link listed in this thread is legit - when you purchase one you’ll have to text the seller and let him know what model you’ll need.

Actually, they’re all the same control board!! You just have to download the correct firmware.

I tried that (used SD card to flash the new one) per instructions provided by GS support - no luck. It was still not recognizing the hashboard (I was able to connect to it and even the dashboard was showing “new” flashed miner version and even connecting o the pool), but the hashrate was always zero.

Is this a common problem? Has anyone else tried what @creator2000 tried to do?
@creator2000, could you post Godlshell’s instructions on how to do this? (or DM me the instructions, much appreciated). I don’t understand why it didn’t work when Goldshell support said it would.

This is the information I received from GS Support:

In that open ticket with GS Support I was trying to resolve multiple issues at once and at some point (based on Debug logs provided to GS) they recommended this microSD flash.

But I’m going to run a few more tests to better understand how this whole “control board compatibility” works and post results here…

So, it has been officially confirmed - control board for all BOX miners is the same and it’s all about the firmware you are flashing it with!

Does this mean I can turn my ck box into kd box? lol…

:rofl: ROFL - would that be nice, right?
Not quite, but in case your KD-BOX control board fails, you can “borrow” control board from a different (lower return) box until you get a replacement :wink:

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I tried kd box firmware to ck box but nothing happened, no hashing but you can contact miner. They must be some trick how we could run kd in ck with higer terahash. Other tric with box miners tapping ten times power section is very dangerous, i melted few cords just trying a little bit, it took about 10 seconds and cords melted together. I have ck boxes and that clicking does not work if you upgrade your firmfire to newest.