Conversting an iPad to a Miner

Is there software that converts a new iPad into a miner?

Don’t think so haha… you could try cloud mining?

I don’t believe so and it seems even cloud mining on Apple products is limited in some apps. You could try Ember Fund. It lets you earn Sats every 24 hours. You cash out at $5 (roughly 13000 Sats) obviously more people you invite the more you make per hour. Shameless plug this is my team invite
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Another app I use is CryptoTab but have seen friends with Apple Products get super low “Hash rates” on their iphones and ipads. I don’t think it’s worth it unless it’s a last resort for you.

I believe the one reason you won’t find a miner on apple products is it’s current inability to run Linux. There are projects to bring it to Apple products but from what I did quick research on, it’s seems rough to say the least, if it even works. You would definitely need to void your warranty, if you still have it, to be able to side load miner software on to it.