Cooling for my Crypto Garden shed

Hey gang,

I have a 4 x 8 x 10 shed that I have installed at my house to put 4 - 7 ASIC miners in. Momma, it’s hot in there!!!

What do you think? A window air conditioner installed in the wall? How big? How many BTU? Just fans? Ceiling exhaust?

There is only 1 ASIC miner plus a KDBox in there now, and it is running too hot. Like WAY too hot.


No ac get a intake fan and exhaust fan. Then put up a wall down middle of shed. Then cut holes for each miner so u will have a cold side and a hot side to keep the hot air away from miner. Ac will be a total waste of money and u won’t get it any cooler or not enough


Smokey is right about the AC, not only would it be a waste, but it would also introduce damp air to the miners, which would end up being bad.
The hot cold side of a room is also a very good idea.
You can cut the holes in the divider and just put the miner fans through the hole, or you could purchase some 3D printed shrouds and add ducting. If you want to look at the latter I can help you find the right design for your miners. Please feel free to PM/DM me if you have any questions.
Either way, I wish you luck in your mining endeavor.

Yea I bought one shroud try out to me not worth money if building a wall like u said cut out hole in wall stick fan through and tape edges so no leakage. Way I built my shed my hot side is bigger then cold. My hot side in this summer hit 128 but cold side stayed at mid 90 I live in a desert and have not had any problems with heat with 4 big asic and 4 small for now I’m steadily increasing my big asic hope to have another 4 by end of year to max out my shed and put me close to a peta hash of btc

The only problem is ya don’t get the hot air from the PSU side. So that will be on the cold side.
I live in central Texas so understand about the heat lol

Yea haven’t had a problem with heat from psu yet but I’m pretty sure I won’t since already past our highs in Tuscon AZ might be different after another 4 more s19 and 4 z15 go in but for now I was good no problem guess I’ll figure something out if that happens

You could always make the hole big enough to fit the whole miner through. Rather than just the fans. can always use duct tape to seal and gaps.

One side have exhaust fans then on other side put vents. The side of vent put ac unit facing the miners and exhaust fans. See below.

  1. 12" x 18" Rectangle Functional Gable Vent with Screen - 2 Piece Construction - White

  2. AC Infinity AIRLIFT T12, Shutter Exhaust Fan 12" with Temperature Humidity Controller, Bluetooth App - Wall Mount Ventilation and Cooling for Sheds, Attics, Workshops

  3. Senville LETO Series Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump, 9000 BTU 110/120V, Works with Alexa, White

This will create nice moderate draft in the shed that mixes with outside air and cool AC air. The AC unit has dehumidifier so no moisture coming from AC.

Waste of money no need for ac if you have right flow of air

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Thanks for the input, all. Going to get it worked out.

Do you have insulation in your shed? I insulated mine for noise control, but am thinking maybe I need to pull it out. . .

Is there a formula of which anyone is aware of what CFM I need per machine?

@scoschro what miners do you have? each miner has its own CFM

I will have 5 L7 Antminers plus a KD Box in the shed. I’m trying to determine how much air I have to move to keep them cool. I’m in Utah, will be very cool in the winter, but over 100 a few days in the summer.

S0 you are looking at about 500CFM per miner for the L7’s, so at min 3,000CFM.

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I like how people offer solutions without asking questions.

My favorite wrong is the “AC will introduce moisture” lol

Where do you live? How hot is it? What is the dif between day and night temps?

What is the relative humidity?

Is the shed insulated?

If you are in a dry climate such AZ you can use a swamp coolers (many TX miners have water walls. They use considerably less power, cost less and can still mover air in the winter. You will still need an exhaust strategy that maintains the flow, you don’t want to stack the air in the shed, it won’t work then.

If the exhaust temp is greater than outside temp blow it outside, you can run an AC pull outside air in (that’s cooler than the exhaust) and bring it down to like 90 to 100, it doesn’t have to be comfortable to you just the miners.

Ultimately it’s going to come down to the climate zone and your power cost / budget.

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S8-8" Outlet - Crypto Miner Silencer & Cooling Kit for L7, D7, S19, S19pro, S17, Apollo V1 and KD5

I just got one of these for L7 9500. The ac infinity fan works well, but waiting on miner. Check it out.

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Nice! Would love to hear your feedback on this when the miner arrives.

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Let’s know how the S8-8" Outlet works!

Right now I’ve got it just pulling exhaust off a goldshell mini doge pro to test the thermostat and so far it seems to work as advertised. L7 supposed to come tomorrow.