Cooling options

I live in the midwest and with spring and summer coming soon, I am faced with a situation. My S19J Pro is in the utility room that connects to the garage. I was using the cold air from the garage to cool the room for the miner to operate at a good temp. I have a window AC unit I can put in there but is there a better more efficient way to cool the room?

I’m in the same boat as you. i’m in vegas, and it gets to almost 120F during summer. haha… only thing i can think of now is to put a portable ac unit to cool the 8x8 room that I had made inside my garage. If others can chime in and share their experience, it would be great.

For the most part, as long as you have ventilation, you don’t really need to cool them down. These machines can run pretty warm, and they all have overheat protection built-in so that they will pull back their hashing power if they get too warm.

I’ve hear air movement is needed more than cool air. I’m in the same boat in Wisconsin, sure is nice running them in winter

Air movement is what I’ve read matter the most I’m in same boat as @cryptominernv im in Tuscon and worried about heat as I’m building my mining shed I’ve built in a ac unit but also have exhaust fans built in and intake fan to I’m hoping not to use the ac at all but I have it as a back up I’m also looking into something like this since I just found out about it but not to sure yet about it Customized Water Curtain Cooling Pad Water Cooling Curtain for asic mining farm mobile miner container mobile mining farm|Tool Parts| - AliExpress

Water curtains are what Bitmains pre-fab mining shelters, as well as the big ASIC farms in Texas use.

You want 20% more exhaust than the machine puts out. I believe a S19 puts out 500cfm. Create a hot area with 600ish CFM of exhaust and you should be good to go. Put a box fan blowing on the intake(cool side).

Actually a guy linked it in vosk discord been reading up on it

My 1800 Sq foot building was 95 degrees yesterday with 3 S19’s running. I got the hole cut for the 16" exhaust fan yesterday. I put a cheap box fan by the hole to suck cool air in. It dropped the temp to 81. The fan will be in a utility closet. That will be the hot room once I have the fan installed.

Appreciate it guys. I have fans from my grow tent that can move the air out that I can setup and evacuate the room. Didn’t think about that at all.

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I was going to build a small sound box and let the asic fans do most of he work for themselves just add a small ac unit. You guys have some good points and have me rethinking that. I have seen evaporative coolers not much bigger than a box fan that have high cfm. Portacool I believe was the brand but so far can only see large units.