Cost to build a Mining Rig - 3060 Ti - Jan. 2021

Cost to build a Mining Rig - 3060 Ti - Jan. 2021

Check out the full Video here:

This is a new series, where we build out and price how much it would cost to build a new mining rig based on current pricing at the time of filming. Unfortunately, GPUs are harder and harder to find at or near MSRP so we based pricing for the RTX 3060 Ti at or around MSRP.

Main parts in the Build (PCpartpicker doesn’t allow more than one GPU):

EVGA RTX 3060 Ti FTW3 mining performance:

Nicehash built a 10 GPU mining rig with the 3060 Ti, check it out below:

Total estimate price: $4200

8 x 3060 TI @ MSRP = 3600
Mining Rig Frame = $40
CPU Intel Celeron G4930 = $50
MSI H310M PRO-VDH Plus = $65
Crucial CT2K4G4DFS824A 8 GB = $40
PCI-E to 4 Port USB 3.0 adapter = $40
EVGA B5 850 W 80+ Bronze x 2 = $300


Sup @SerpentXSF


Hey bud!

I wish I could find 3060ti at msrp…

Tariffs gonna mess this up!!!

Man you got lucky! I went ahead and cashes out Eth to build my 8x 3060TI rig. I went ahead and paid the scalped prices just so I could take advantage of the amazing profits Eth has been posting as of late. The cheapest I bought were 575 a piece. Most expensive was 650. I have 4 EVGA cards, 1 Asus, 2 MSI and. A Zotac. All in I’m sitting at a little over 5k for this rig.


And if y’all hadn’t seen it that big ass guy on the right, that’s the MSI Gaming X. I haven’t seen the temperature go above 40C yet on this card. The heatsink is MASSIVE! This card dwarfs even the FTW3 which is on the left side of the rig.

Nice setup bud. Gratz