COTX - FluxNode - CUMULUS Pre-Sale,

COTX Discord Announcement,

@everyone COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS starts to accept pre-orders:

  • Early bird customer benefit: save 20%, total USD 239.2 for high-performance COTX FluxNode - CUMULUS, bundle with SSD drive and pre-installed FluxOS.

  • Early bird customers pay 0 for FlexiMinining Service Fee. Save 12 $Flux per year.

  • Very easy to install. You need to know 0 about Linux commands.

  • You can buy and install multiple COTX FluxNodes in one site and manage them remotely through COTX Hotspot Cloud Service (

  • Tech Support from COTX Customer Service.

  • Estimated delivery time - Early Jan 2023.

Place your pre-order NOW: COTX - FluxNode - CUMULUS — COTX Networks Store

Note: You have to pay the stake directly to Flux.

:point_up_2:, I’m planning on adding one to my low power use collection…

CC and PayPal payment options…