Coupon Code for Evergreen Miner? CHIA XCH Farmer mining rig

If you’re looking for the best possible coupon code for an Evergreen Miner it is coupon code VOSKCOIN – I reached out to them directly to confirm this. These Evergreenminers are plug and play CHIA XCH farmers, basically HDD mining rigs and I have 2 starter kit pro’s earning $80+ a month EACH now!
Here’s the link to order an Evergreen Miner - Evergreen
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Word of caution and advice…

I would wait on buying an Evergreen Miner since the Chia Farming game has changed with the all-new GPU and Compressed plots farming being released.

FlexFarmer v2.3.0 - Gigahorse (madMAx43v3r’s) Compressed Plots! (Up to +48.9% income boost) : Flexpool (

Current Evergreen Miners will come with non-compressed plots, and the Evergreen Hub is only a 1GB Rasberry pi 4… which is pretty useless due to the 1 GB of RAM. Will it be able to do compressed plots? Yes, but most likely only C2 or C3 as max for the long-term. Maybe C4, but as soon as the Plot Filter is reduced from 512 to 256 in a year, C4 will be too much for the current Evergreen Miner Hub.

Not to mention, when Evergreen allows the Evergreen Hub to mine compressed plots, you will still need to find a way to re-plot your current non-compressed Evergreen Miner Hard-drives…

Evergreen Miners will most likely support and offer compressed plots down the road. But not anytime soon.

I recommend holding off on an Evergreen Miner Purchase until they fully support Compressed plots.

Otherwise, you are buying a miner (Farmer) that is 20% to 48.9% less efficient than those farming the latest compressed plots now.

Yes, you have to learn, but I recommend investing in an affordable GPU plotter ($500 if you spend wisely) and learning how to set up Hard Drives and Harvesters. It will pay off in the short and long term.

But if you want NOW and EASY… not necessary the best nor the cheapest route, then buying an Evergreen Miner is fine.



Appreciate this perspective, I figured I make some points here ( as a biased team member)

  1. Uncompressed plots being less effective doesn’t hurt your farm. You won’t NEED to repot to compressed plots, especially as it will take time for the netspace to grow. Uncompressed plots will still chug on.

  2. We will definitely add support for compression, and we will be one of the most low power ways to farm compressed plots, and you will be able to add to your farm over time so you can have a total farm efficiency increase as you add compressed plots. It’s almost like if we come out with a 20TB model, now you have 20% more space on the same drive, but it’s not going to hurt your existing 16TB drives.

  3. As for timeline, we are going to be pretty much on pace with Chia for compressed plots and will get them delivered with a high level of diligence and testing, we have a great software engineering team and have been preparing for these kind of upgrades.

  4. You can always upgrade your HUB if that’s what will bring you more earnings, it will likely be backwards compatible so you won’t waste space.

  5. Our offering is for those who don’t want to spend the time and money on plotting equipment. GPU plotting isn’t super easy and you can end up going down the wrong path and wasting a lot of time. If you are already technically inclined or have the equipment/time, DIY is probably the better option.

  6. All in all, in my opinion if you are at all interested in trying chia, a starter kit with uncompressed plots vs compressed plots will make such a small difference it’s not worth the wait. If you are looking at the pro or plus kit, and don’t plan to expand over time, waiting might be better, but you will also be competing with more people having compressed plots as netspace grows again. No matter what you’ll be able to expand on top of Evergreen and add more efficient equipment in the same plug and play style.

You will have to read what I’m saying with a note that im on the team and biased, but I believe this post misses a lot of nuance and overstates how much compressed plots impact farms in general, and understates that the rest of the network will have to catch up, and the additional power and hardware required for making compressed plots.

Hopefully well have more information soon on how our systems will work with compression.



XCH is so down that it is very hard to earn enough to pay those Evergreen miners or actually anything which pays your investments.

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All the more reason why it’s THE time to be building out a chia XCH mining farm imo


And all the reason to be building with GPU farming and Compress plots in mind!

I like what Evergreen is doing, but there are two issues I have with current design of current Evergreen Hub. I mean this to be constructive criticism,

  1. The Current Lite Hub is only a 1 GB Raspberry Pi 4. This will limit its ability to farm certain compressed plots, see chart,

  1. The current Lite Hub cooling is not ideal. The fan inside the case simply re-circulates the air inside the hub. It does not actively pull fresh air in and allow hot air to be expelled.

This too will limit what compressed plots the current Evergreen Hub will be able to farm. Higher compressed plots take more computing power which equals more heat which equals better cooling.

I hope Evergreen improves their current Hub to fully take advantage of compressed plots.