CPU and GPU combo issues

Grrrr. Ok so I got one of the Biostar 350-BTC Pro boards and with my 6 GPUs its been running like a dream. I wanted to upgrade my CPU to another Ryzen 5 3600 like I have on my Radeon VII rig. Figure I might as well get some Monero while its doing its thing.

BTW my VII rig is on a Asus board and am not having any issues GPUing on NH and CPU mining on Minergate. But this 350 just wont let me. If I just CPU mine, it rocks. If I just GPU mine it kicks it good. But the moment I try to do both… I go from 4.8Kh/s down to 580 h/s and my GPUs start freaking out. It happens whether I do NH or Minergate for CPUing. I did the --threads=10 but it doesn’t seem to matter.

Any ideas on what I may have missed?

And just last night I started having issues with my VII rig. When I’m mining Monero, my GPUs become unstable with rates jumping all around and eventually my main Primary GPU falling to 0 Mh/s. Soon as I turn off Monero via Minergate. Everything returns to normal.

I don’t know about the hardware issue here… Just Uninstall Minergate
We Monero community don’t recommend it at all.
Minergate is clashing with Nicehash here purposely

Use XMRig (Most Recommended), XMR - stak, SRB Miner

For increased hashrate do some tuning,

Join largest mining pools, https://minexmr.com/, https://supportxmr.com/ for most profitable mining.
or any other smaller pool mentioned here to support decentralisation https://miningpoolstats.stream/monero

Thanks for the advice. I already deleted Minergate, mostly because they are stealing Hashrate. There are thousands of miners and on Ethereum and other bigger coins have had no confirmed blocks for 6 mos to a year. yet people keep mining. I stopped after I didn’t receive anything for Monero in a 24 hour period then started digging.

“Blowing the Lid off the Cryptonote Scam, with the exception of Monero”
Required reading for anyone getting into Monero.

Really good read. I am staying away from Monero as well. It didn’t say they were free from all this, only that they were community saved.

Thanks for the post

Man… I should have not shared this to you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Monero is the only coin which has been the successful Cryptonote coin and will be.
This article was to prove it’s credibility
Your Wish @PTCrusader Remember Monero was, is and will be the wholesome privacy coins with active community.
Wanna here from you…

I am all for the idea of Monero. My issue is when it comes to actually trading, buying and selling the coin. Seems like a ton of hoops to jump through for me to get rid of the coin. It seems like the #1 coin that the US would flat out ban. For all its talk of freedoms, the American government really hates the term “privacy”, especially in regards to taxation.

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Minergate is a scam. Try mining monero or 0xMonero with your cpu.