CPU and GPU Mine?

So finally after a few months of mining with NiceHash, I decided to start mining with a single algo miner. For now I am using Phoenix Miner and I average around 200 MH/s

Under NiceHash, I am as able to CPU mine along with my GPU. Am I able to do that still using Phoenix? I would only do it on my desktop rig which has a Ryzen 3600. Not incredibly powerful, but enough to make a little something since it has to be on anyway.

If I can dual mine, is there anything special I have to do?


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you can dual mine of course
I would use Phoenix for the GPU’s mining ETH or whatever. Then use XMRig for your Ryzen, mining Monero. I wouldn’t try to mine ETH or such with your CPU, that’s not worth it. XMRig also allows you to use only some of the cores instead of all of them.
On Mining Pool Hub you can mine both and get the payout in BTC, ETH or whatever you like.

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I CPU mine VERUS using HellMiner and an address from SafeTrade.
I use LuckPool with HellMiner and throw 12 of my 36 threads at it.

Not getting Rich off it, just 25 to 50 Cents/day but it does add up, especially when staking. I have cashed out a little over $100 in the 1st 6 months of the year.

Good Luck, and Caution… the more threads you throw at CPU mining, the more heat you will generate. I am water cooled which helps a lot.