CRAZY WEEK at the VoskCoin Mining Farm

Another crazy week at the VoskCoin mining farm, originally designed around Bitcoin mining with some altcoin mining like Dogecoin and Kaspa, but now we are expanding into immersion mining and filling out our Hard Drive Mining farm! I have more HDD miners coming too - shop – Evergreen

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Drew Vosk continues to build out the VoskCoin mining farm but uh, that dude is crazy just like this week was at Vosk Coin mining headquarters. Originally focused on Bitcoin mining with an end game goal of solar power for the miners, a heavy focus has been on increasing the mining efficiency and thus profits of the VoskCoin mining farm as well as building out and scaling our hard drive mining farm with more and better HDD miners, basically a DIY data center for farming Chia XCH!

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Crazy week at the crypto farm!
00:49 Immersion mining VoskCoin farm!
01:36 Mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies!
04:17 Troubleshooting the Chia hard drive mining operation
07:17 Chia mining and finding blocks is fun!
09:35 How is the Digital Shovel mining container doing?
11:30 What to do with the original mining shed?
13:07 What is the best crypto mining shed you can make?
14:50 Why build all these different structures?
16:50 Whats next?
18:20 Thanks to you the community!
19:09 Tails the best? Yes.
19:59 What’s coming up on the Voskcoin youtube channel?

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CRAZY WEEK at the VoskCoin Mining Farm


Cut and pasted tails on the thumbnail is great. Always good content!


What kind of tools are you referring to? Software?

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Any chance you’d be willing to give a tour of your solar farm? Willing to pay for your time. Will be in Arizona/Nevada Jan 6-10. Would make a trip into Cali if you’d be willing!