Crazypool for ETC/ZIL mining w/iPollo

Just switched to Crazypool from K1POOL after they mysteriously “lost” 50 ZIL I had mined and completely ignored my support emails.

Is anyone else using Crazypool for ETC/ZIL dual mining using iPollos? If so, I have a really dumb question…

I have an ipollo on Octa/Zil on Crazypool. All the other ipollo’s are on Ezil for ETC/ZIL

Maybe you can answer my question then. The Crazypool website gives these cryptic instructions:

“If you own an ipollo ASIC, you must activate the enhancer using worker_name = ipollo_myRigName, you must prepend “ipollo_” to your platform name.”

What exactly does this mean? Can you give me some idea of what they are talking about?

In you worker name you have to prepend the text they say. So my Octa/Zil on Crazypool Worker name field in the ipollo is:
So that’s my Octa address . my Zil address . ipollo_myworkername where 18sem is my naming converntion. It’s the 18th miner and it’s a V1 Mini SE.

OK, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.