Creating and Selling NFTs on ~ My experience

How to get started creating and selling NFTs on this is my experience and how to:


  • Open an account on
  • Link your wallet ~ I choose MetaMask but there are many to choose from
  • Have some photos/drawings/images that you would like to upload to sell

I have created over 100 NFTs on I used an AI generated photo based on random words and then uploaded these images to sell.

When you list a NFT there are a lot of gas fees if you choose ETH I opted for Polygon blockchain to list them for free.

You can check out my collection here:

Now the big question how much have I made?! Well, nothing. If you promote your NFTs and have a large social media following it can be easy or at least help get you started. I created many NFTs with a very low cost as well as some that I listed for 2 ETH and above.

This was mostly just to see how to list an NFT for me. If you have any questions or want to learn more please DM me.

Wallet Addresses:
ETH: 0x79a621261FB4CA9a45E118E2740b42dDB6C640d3
HNT: 13YttgoLwzMXpct8An9UkJ7v8dEYBYmNM7ddSNVjJ3mgebLZiZb