Creating and using bio gas to generate electricity

Someone made another post about running a generator off natural gas, I didnt want to hijack his post but I wanted to share something someone may find useful about running a gas generator.

People should consider biogas as an electricity source. Biogas is essentially natural gas in a way, however it comes from waste like scrap foods. If you want a better understanding of how it actually works then perhaps google it.

Anyhow, My family has a 800 acre farm in Australia and we grow Apples, cherries and strawberries. every week of the year we have at minimum 1 tone of waste which I normally give to cows to eat. it’s critical for bio security to not create a compost pile because otherwise you breed diseases which will end up back on the farm. My point is studies suggest that 1 tone of food waste can create roughly 330kwh of biogas, which can run generators set up appropriately for the intake. Farmers in horticulture would be happy to have this waste taken off their hands. I have created Biogas just out of curiosity but I have not tried to run a generator with it.

I was looking at this tri fuel generator Champion Power Equipment 10,000/8,000-Watt Electric Start Gasoline Propane and Natural Gas Tri-Fuel Portable Generator, CO Shield, NG/LPG Hoses 100416 - The Home Depot but it would cost more than the generator itself to ship to Australia. Specifically this one you cant run 24/7, but if you live in the right area of hordiculture production this could be a great way to generate power very cheaply. (buy the generator, offer the farmers free pickup of their waste and they dont have to deal with it)

Building a bio digester is easy (youtube it) a few 1000L shuttles are easy to come by however you’ll have to wait 1-2 months before you can generate useable gas. After that you’ll be good to go. Personally there’s 10 similar farms within a 5km radius of me. If I were to negotiate free pickup of their waste, I would be able to run 6 X L7’s if I were to obtain 1 tone of waste each week from each grower.

On the other post a 26kwh generator that was suggested Generac Power Systems - 26kW Guardian Series Home Generator - 7291 for $7,100 USD someone asked if they can run this generator every day as they please and they responded with yes. Not sure if that means it can run 24/7 but if it could that would be a sweet deal.

NOTE: Apples are by far the best because even though apple trees only produce apples once a year, apples are kept in controlled atmosphere cold rooms. Basically what this means is the apples are stored in air tight fridges and the oxygen is removed so they dont age, this means you can get waste from apple growers every week of the year if they store and pack their own apples.

So yeah, hopefully someone here lives in a horticulture production area, wants to take a leap and can run a whole heap of asics off their own energy at a super cheap starting price. with that example I posted above if you at 6 X L7’s it would take you less than 2 months to make back your start up costs for the generator. Good luck!


I am always impressed with the ingenuity of miners finding ways to produce electricity from the natural environment!! I wish I could try this myself!