Creative ways you financed your first rig

Hi all!
I work my ass off to pay the bills, it’s hard to raise the money to buy a rig. As you know it’s impossible to use credit cards. I don’t really want to sell the few stocks I have, they are doing well. I would love to hear how you all did it.

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I got a kick back from taxes after installing solar & a battery In april , So I bought an omen 30L pre-build intel I-9 10900k / RTX 3090. I couldn’t find a graphics card worth paying scalped prices so I said fuck it…#yolo.

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I got a Blockfi credit card and maxed it out buying 4 miners and got 3.5% back in BTC.


You can use the Blockfi credit card to buy on which sites? Sorry noob question.

I bought from BT-Miners. They sell mostly used miners. They ship out of china but they have customer service reps here in the US. Smooth experience so far. There are a couple other sites that take credit card. go to and check out there vendor list.

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New here i sincerely need help pls

Dang! I’m gonna have to look up this BlockFi card…

tax return is on the horizon. Save money like your life depended on it, take a look at what you own too… It all depends on how crazy you want to go. Sell what you can do without, cut living expenses and save that, and do that until your tax return come in. By that time you should have a decent stash to get your foot in the door.

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Just buy a zip, gram it out booooya’ baby. Just kidding.