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Helium was previously a cryptocurrency unicorn company, reaching a billion-dollar valuation, and then Helium Inc or now Nova Labs decided to merge their blockchain with the controversial Solana SOL blockchain, leaving urgent updates you need to do to still earn money mining Helium in 2023. Buy this miner instead of an HNT miner - Evergreen

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Helium mining was one of the easiest and most profitable ways to mine crypto and while you can still mine HNT Helium has become a Solana token, with their own shitcoin ecosystem of Helium tokens that can be redeemed for HNT like their IOT and MOBILE tokens earned by their original LORA miners and their 5G Helium miners. There’s some critical updates you have to make to even keep your Helium miners online in 2023, and you may not realize you likely have IOT tokens you can claim that do have a tangible value after being redeemed for HNT or you could deploy them on the Solana blockchain on decentralized exchanges as a liquidity provider, farmer, and other DeFi techniques… There’s a lot of critical Helium news in 2023, let’s dig into it!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 The great promise of Helium mining
01:23 Helium and the Solana Blockchain
02:07 What do the people think about the peoples network?
04:00 Novalabs and all their different companies
04:45 Syncrobit has gone bankrupt
05:33 less than 50% of hotspots online?
06:18 How much do my hotspots earn?
07:00 Helium stops supporting their app
08:00 Helium does not have good forecast
10:06 Is the Helium HNT network even used?
11:15 The Helium explorer is misleading
13:19 Not investing any more time and money into Helium mining
14:16 Forking the Helium chain?
14:48 Shady founder mining behavior
16:05 Is a billion dollar valuation justified?
17:46 Other projects are much more interesting right now

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CRITICAL Helium Solana Crypto News…