Cross Finance - Who's behind?

Hello! I watched VoskCoin’s Cross Finance video on YouTube 2 days ago and I’ve been thinking on investing my cryptos there, since the APY is 200% (which is, IMO, pretty good).

The thing is I’ve been searching on Google and I didn’t find anything about the team members (apart from their LinkedIN profiles). Do you guys know anything about the project or about the team? Could you give me any clues?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Hi @guillechoa. It’s Roman, CEO of Cross Finance.

First of all, thanks for giving an interest in us. To find out more about what we have done so far in our DeFi journey and other activities besides farming, you can check out our Medium, Exposure page, or Twitter.

To answer your question regarding our team, the majority of us comes from business & tech background. Long story short, we joined the crypto space separately and teamed up in 2018 to research, invest & building products together. Prior or to set foot in DeFi, we had deeply put our efforts to research & develop base layer decentralized networks, trying to solve the problem of scalability & ease of use for the end-users. It was a wake-up call in December 2019 when we started to realize Uniswap had gained so much traction as a Dapp on the already-existing Ethereum. Instead of focusing on building the infrastructure, we switched to build protocols supporting the transfer from traditional finance to DeFi. Everything was nearly ready in June and when BSC was launched, we decided to make Cross Finance air to leverage the technical advantages of BSC.

Talking about the decision to show all the team info to the public, actually back in the time we had the option of not show anything just as other DeFi project teams have been doing. It’s because we’ve been preparing for Cross Finance for quite a long time and showing all our info is such a credit that all members of the team wanted to receive. Now we are the second-best DeFi Dapps on DappRadar and I’m confident to say that we are the only team will full team info among all the projects in Top 10.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to join us or use us

Roman Andr

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