Crypto. Com and crypto. Com defi

Gas fees ( transaction fees) are absolutely insane.

Will never use these platforms again.

Once my staking is done, I’ll loose my interest made just to be able to change from CRO back to ETH
And in Defi I can do nothing as the gas fees are more than what I put in. I lost exchanging EtH to USDT

For me, it’s been a sh… show

Ouch. I haven’t DL yet. Guess maybe I shouldn’t

I kinda like myself. Mind you i’m new but Gas fees are pretty high everywhere right now as far as I can see.

The CRO staking and supercharging and earn from their main wallet seems to work just fine.

What I don’t like is their Defi wallet, the interface isn’t so great and I need to refresh it often to even see what I have in it and it doesn’t seem to work as well as say staking in Guarda or Exodus that I’ve seen anyway.

Although I still understand peanuts about staking, despite watching numerous Vosk videos :stuck_out_tongue: Its hard to really watch and pay attention with a 18 month and a 3 year old kid zipping around yelling and pulling your arm.

So I haven’t had any bad experiences with yet but I just started my 6 month stake for card and % bump. I have noticed that I can make higher % on other staking exchanges. I have 1K worth of USDT on right now earning 37.5% interest while staking. IT ends up being about $1 per day. I have also been playing around with liquidity mining on DeFi chain with cakepool where I start with about 1K worth of earnings and put it into a USDT/DFI pool and I make 1 DFI token per day along with a little USDT. I am still playing around with learning the best places to get returns for different staking/lending and non-gpu mining.