down and out?

Yesterday their entire system was down all day for "system maintenance. This morning their support page says everything is up and running, yet when i try to use my app, before it asks for my 6 digit code, i get “unable to verify authenticity, contact support.” of course there has been not response.

Anyone here have additional information?

It was down all day yesterday. The crypto wallet actually said I had 260000 dollars of eth in my wallet when I only had 1.3 eth lol!! Its been having issues.

So for a few minutes you was LOADED… :crazy_face:

Whelp, 48 hours now of no access to The support update says all is working fine, but my app now says, “verification invalid, please contact support” when I open it. It won’t even get to the point i enter my 6 digit code. 14 hours of no response from support. I’m seriously beginning to get worried.

Not making any excuses for them but my app is working and has been working most of yesterday. Hopefully yours gets resolved ASAP

Same here, sunday evening and monday morning problems -> no problems since yesterday afternoon.

Nice, finally got a response after threatening to get my state attorney general’s office involved. In short, they said “your account is under standard compliance review”, and wont say anything more. I think it’s pretty shady that, without even an email, they can cut off all your access to anything on your app. They literally shut down my app by way of my phone. I can’t be the only one this is happening to.