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Good Day All,

I’m dealing with a Investor Website called Liradol and wanted to know if anyone thinks its BS?

I was referred the site by an Investor called Crypto Casey where she does not want to provide her referral code (you’ll see at the top, if you check it out).

It seems like the more I contribute into the site the less and less i get back and when i want to withdraw my monies they conveniently provide an excuse as to why it can’t happen.

Also, I know that the website itself was born in May 29, 2022 and that its Twitter, Facebook icons ect at the top left of the site do not work.

The site is called

Can someone help me find out if this is legit or complete BS?

Please let me know!

Thank you,
Paul Kelly

not even gonna click on it. everything you mentioned has all the red flags of a scam. dont say anything to them, contact a legal authority first and ask them what you should do.


It is a scam, people have reported it, it is only 6 days old, it is trying to impersonate another sites. Scam.


Ahh, i appreciate that you were able to provide feedback on this website! Do you know which legal authorities I should contact? Do you have any that you can refer?

Thank you,
Ripped off Individual

Thank you for responding to my post. Do you know how i can go about reporting this site and to who? How do you know it has been reported before? Please let me know.

Thank you,
Ripped off individual

which country are you a citizen of?