Crypto Investors are GETTING RICH? DeFi and Token Airdrops?!

Cryptocurrency investors are literally getting RICH because they bought the right crypto coins – but is it really that easy to make money with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all of the hot new Crypto DeFi tokens?!
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Not only can you still get rich buying cryptocurrencies, but a lot of people are getting rich right now. You can get lucky by guessing and buying the right token. Reviewing the fundamentals of different crypto projects, especially in the Decentralized Finance DeFi token space is absolutely critical if you want to find the next best altcoin crypto moonshot low cap gem to buy!! Uniswap ignited a DeFi revolution in crypto with their UNI token airdrop but how do you become eligible for future airdrops to quite literally collect thousands of dollars of free cash in crypto? Supporting projects on Gitcoin as a Gitcoin donor is a great way to do good and earn good! (nice grammar right?? LOL) but voting on token governance on snapshot page is another great way to get free crypto airdrops so let’s review how to hopefully become rich with cryptocurrency!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
0:00 The most lucrative investments in crypto are in Defi!
1:40 What is DeFi? How big is the DeFi market?
3:15 Some of the biggest DeFi projects
4:28 How do you get started with DeFi?
6:01 VirtualGold
6:44 Make money with PancakeSwap
11:06 GitCoin, free NFT’s & their grants program
13:34 Decentralized Governance Snapshotpage review
15:30 DeFi overview & how to get make money with DeFi

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