Crypto is Killing Me


You wanna know if people are happy or not Ok, no, I’m not After losing my dad, my grandparents, my Uncle,My aunt One right after the other, like Domino’s effect.
They all died Pretty much because old age Accept my dad. He was at a customer’s house finishing up paperwork And he instantly died, they said he had a brain eurysm. He missed Christmas with us by a few days he just turned 50. I was the last One to speak to him before he went to work that day. Working my 12 hour shifts and taking care of my grandparents One had dementia and Alzheimer’s and the other one was legally blind and only had about 3 to 6% Lung capacity left. He also had a Quadruple bypass a few years prior. After everyone passed, things got difficult for me.
Trying to figure out where all this pain is coming from. In my legs, my back shoulders fingers arms.
After seeing 5 doctors that literally turned me away told me to take ibuprofen there’s nothing wrong. I’m just on my feet a lot That’s it I finally found a specialist that actually cared that wanted to get to the root cause. I have Ankylosing spondylitis and Psoriatic arthritis I never forget the day when it first hit me the hardest. I couldn’t move the only way I can explain it to people is Imagine having Rigamortis set in but you’re still alive Laying in bed for close to 8 hours Waiting for someone to come home to help you cause Moving obviously wasn’t an option. Then a little down the road You find out the person you where dating was only there to steal your money Around $40,000 I’ve always wanted to get into crypto Have my own little farm of crypto machines learning as much as I can. But now that I’m considered disabled by state. And it’s hard to stand more than an hour and half out a time. Some days are better than others. The money that I had is gone So far I only have one machine i Hope 1 day I’ll have a few more.
I hope one day my legs work better like they used to. So I can drive the sports car My dad and I built before he died.
Then maybe I’ll have an ounce of happiness back in my life.
The reason I’m into Crypto
For the experience.
For the challenge.
And my mining is fun I also buy crypto as well. So if I get lucky 1 day.
I’ll have money for my son So he doesn’t have to struggle Like I have.

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I read through some of the responses in your Youtube channel under this video.

Most people are not happy, but they can be, it just takes effort to make it effortless (don’t expect many to understand this off the cuff) Our Egos do not want us to be happy. So to master this, requires some self exploration, some meditation, that in the end all you can hope for is to quiet the ego so it does not rise up to other peoples egos. Read Eckhart Tolle’s “A new Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” to understand more.

As for me, pretty much, yes. I have a loving wife…we saved each other. Even though my kids are busy and her kids are busy, we understand that and accept it as part of life’s journey. If we want our kids to succeed, we have to expect them not to have as much time for us, right, well I think so, it helps me accept what I cannot change and enjoy the moments when they happen. All our children are over 25, fyi.

As to pets, yes, we outlive them. We have are last set of pets…given our ages, we do not want to have pets that live past us, just would not be fair to them, so we should outlive them all and that is probably for the best. It’s hard to loose a member of the family, but you know it will happen one day. It’s life.

Rather than be sad about what we don’t have, we need to focus on the moments and “be here now” when those moments arise. Be fully in them and enjoy them.

Work life balance is a bit harder. I have been programming computers since 1980, started with mainframes, than minis and PCs, have programmed in over 25 different programming languages and am actually learning a new one (to me, C#) for work. So working longer hours is just expected. The one thing that helped me achieve a work / life balance was learning to use a Franklin Planner years ago…You would do your “Solitude and Planning” at the beginning of your day, only took 10 - 15 minutes. You are planning your day…you don’t plan a 12 hour day…more like a 6 hour day, with 2 - 3 hours of slack for everything that comes up…and you have to accept this lower “percentage” of throughput…it’s hard, but gets easier the more you do it. It forces you to determine what is truly important and focus on those things. As you schedule activities that take multiple days and multiple weeks, you purposefully make sure you have no more than 6 - 8 hours of activity on any given day. If you don’t do this, you will be stuck on that hamster wheel, your life will pass you by and you will look back and say what a minute, but those minutes are gone.

You must plan time for you and your family, your fiancee, tails, the important things…or you will have have that work / life balance you seek.

You have acknowledge that “things” will not make you happy, of course you have not ‘owned’ it yet…but you will, if you want to.

Do whatever you need to do in order to “quiet your mind” for at least 10 minutes every day. It gets easier the more you do it. Meditation can be anything that you do to the exclusion to everything else. An activity that allows you to focus and not have your mind think about what is not done or what needs to be done. And don’t beat yourself up if its harder one day or another. My technique is to never try to “prevent” or “block” the noise, In my opinion that is impossible to do, what is not impossible is to acknowledge the distraction and let go of it. You cannot block it, you have to acknowledge it and than let it go. With this simple technique I use to win “Katas” at martial arts competitions…I would never start, until my mind was clear, not always easy to do, but possible with practice. That way you are not “thinking” you are just doing. You can think later…

With your loved ones, be there in the moment when you are together. Be present. Presence.

Schedule some fun time each week if possible, sounds like your racing fits the build there as does your crypto mining and making videos. If it becomes too much work, like making videos, cut down on them, don’t feel like you have to post something every day. While we love your videos, we not going to start hating you if you post only a few times per week. Beside you will be more enjoyable to watch when its fun again, and not a chore.

Some days its hard to remember that you got here doing something you love to do. When the heck did it become work, shame on me for allowing that to happen. What do I need to do to make it fun again…once you figure that out…do it. Based on your videos, your taking action is not a problem, but cutting the number of hours will be hard at first, but once you get there…you will be glad you did.

Passive income should not require you to be active all the time.

Schedule dates with your future wife and even after she becomes your wife…

My wife and I want to travel…come on Bitcoin! I now see some light at the end of the tunnel, a time where we can travel and have fun together…I was going to work for 7 more years, with this mining adventure, I could retire in 2 or 3 years. So thank you for that!

Appreciate what you have accomplished, give yourself permission to do nothing if that is what you and yours want to do…at least once in awhile. Throw a frisbee to tails and let him bring it back to you. Keep it simple.

Put a gravity chair in some shade, with your favorite beverage in your hand, with your wife in another gravity chair next to you and tails being curious about everything and just be still. You mentioned birds to watch, I can highly recommend finding interesting shapes in clouds in the sky also. Amazing the stupid things you can laugh at and with that laughter, things will get allot lighter.

The haters are going to hate…they are not worth your calm, your peace, don’t let your ego rise to theirs. When you realize that is what is happening and can laugh at it, eventually, your ego will diminish…it never goes away, you can’t block it out, but you can learn to live a life where it does not control you.

Your doing great, better than you know.

When we lose people, pets, family, it is okay to morn, and that might come back at weird times in the future, but if they are your loved ones…they will want you to be happy, to have success, so don’t let them down. Grieve and laugh, be present in the moment and enjoy this fleeting life at least a little. Think of them, the good times, and smile…

Sadly there are many that have it worse…just by being happy, you are raising up others and helping them to find happiness also. Read that book…


First off, f*ckd the trolls man. Let that negative energy just roll off.
Seriously thanks Vosk and Mrs Vosk! Watched your video yesterday on what appeared to be an off day for you, and I gotta say bro, that we appreciate you guys! We have a tight nit group of people on here and its thanks to you. You have brought great minds together to discuss a topic that is truly revolutionary. We got Mr Mike, ShredZ, Badger, Smokey, Y2K, Budget, Soccer, (I know I missed a few but just rambling off the top of my head) all active contributors that I know appreciate you. Keep your head up brotha! What you are doing is creating your empire. To me its exciting. Yeah right now is a bit of a grey time, but Id rather have that then just straight success. You know? I know that sounds silly but its true. The idea of everything coming easy sounds nice but those that just grind in the face of adversity are the ones that truly appreciate what they had to overcome to get where they want to be. Keep on, keeping on!!


Also side note, Lets Go Brandon! I know some of this video had to be from hearing the news that the Biden administration wants to impose legislation implementing the highest capital gains tax ever implemented on American citizens, and also implementing an “unrealized gains” tax on top of the highest capital gains tax. The impact to the mining community will be crippling. It just blows me away, that we went from throwing tea into the harbor, to laying down and rolling over and accepting a 50% tax on an income that takes a considerable amount of risk and risk tolerance to undergo. Mining isn’t easy like everyone cracks it up to be. The miners are expensive, and the electricity cost is a consistent considerable expense to undertake, and on top of that they want t to take even more money? GTFO of here. Okay rant over. Have a great day everyone! lol