Crypto Journey from start to today!

Do you use hardware to monitor electricity usage? I bought a Killawatt monitor but then I read about someone’s catching on fire so I didn’t dare leave it plugged in long term
Man that’s such a cool setup. my HOA doesn’t allow sheds like that but I wish I could build one. My dream is to find some space with industrial power so I can get those rates down, but I’d need a much much bigger operation before that becomes a reality.

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Yea I have been sourcing that, I researched the community, and city permitting requirements for the shed, and also had the research done for all the power. I sourced a local electrician and a local carpenter so my shed is being custom built from designs I drew. I took a lot of information from other miners experiences so I hope I am able to have a great growth respective in my shed.

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image image image image

End of day two building, just in from the builder!

@CosmosTV My brother, you have truely inspired me. I’m going to post video I made with my daughter on my first rig build. Will post it by tonight for you to check out.

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I’m in Colorado, but the wife already told me I can have half the garage in the house we’re buying so I can do mining. Luckily, it’s on the same side that electric is already coming for the main line. So I just have to build the structure for walls and shelves and set up airflow

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right now I dont have anything for the cards I run except a floor fan and some power that was redone.

Thanks for sharing the story, really inspiring stuff. I’ve been in the Crypto space for a few year’s now but have only recently decided to take a deeper dive into the world of mining, I’m currently searching through Facebook marketplace trying to get my hands on AMD 5700xt’s, so it was really cool to read your story.

There’s a couple things I’m still not quite sure about and was wondering if you could help clear them up for me?

Can you use different versions of the AMD 5700xt on one rig or do they all need to be the exact same card?

Do you have any advice for someone building a similar rig for their first rig?

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What temp do your cards run? I’m always scared about heat if I were to use open cases and fans for incoming/exhaust.

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I used all 5700 msi mech OC. Yes you can use different models but it’s usually easier to stick with the same, also preferring to use the same memory type as well to make over/underclocking similar.

Depends on your set up, but in the summer my cards never reached over 73 C, and now they all currently run

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Question about the wire shelving unit… do you just lay the motherboard on the shelf? I’m debating swapping out to not using frames/cases anymore because I’m tired of temps getting too close to hot in them no matter what type or how many fans I use. I have a basic 10x12 shed with two small windows that I can set up fans for incoming and outgoing airflow for them.

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Hi, glad I saw your post. I am looking to do something similar to you except I’m gonna install solar from the start. I’m contacting a couple companies Monday to get some site surveys for the solar lined up. I think my biggest obstacle is gonna be getting enough GPU’s. I have 3 3060ti, 2 5700xt, 2 2080 Ti, 2 2060, and a few 1650’s. Everything but the 3060’s I bought a couple years ago before it got really hard to find stock.

But gonna keep an eye on your post. Please post up when you do the solar.
Here’s a link to my thread. I’ll update as I get more info
Solar power garage worth it in 2021? - Mining & Hardware - VoskCoinTalk

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i place the motherboard on a box so it isn’t directly touching the metal for the wire.

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ill be running roughly 160 GPUs when I am fully set up. In my opinion solar will always be worth it because anything that reduces your power cost…continues to feed to profit. So over time ti will pay itself off brother, just keep track of your profits as you start to grow.



First of all, thank you for your service in the military!

Second, thanks for the info. I’m brand new here and brand new to mining so just trying to learn. Just ordered the parts to build a rig, but obviously struggling to find GPUs. Hoping to find some in the next couple of weeks and in the meantime I’m trying to figure out how to get started in this new hobby. :slight_smile:

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My little set up
1 rig with 3 x Chinese RX580 off a Huntkey 1200w psu

1 rig with 2xSaphire pulseRx570 8gb, 4x MSI Armour RX580 8gb off a 1200w Raidmax psu

1 rig with 2 Saphire Nitro+ Rx570 8gb, 1x MSI Armour RX580 8gb off a 1200w Raidmax psu

Have had extra wall sockets installed with new breakers to accommodate the load.

It’s not the greatest, need to sort out hash rates on the Nitro+ only getting 26mhs per card. But yeah, this is my start into the world of crypto. Will repost once I’ve moved the rigs and put the shelf and switch in etc.

Want to expand, but cards are hard to come by.

Happy mining everyone

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ya, i am preparing for my shipment of 99 580s now

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Holy hell. 99 GPUs. Where. Did you source them

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