Solar power garage worth it in 2021?

Hi, I am extremely new. I am about 4 weeks into researching and am finding conflicting reports on whether solar is worth it. I saw Vosk’s video with the solar farm in Virginia and that’s something I’m very interested in. But I saw another video (forget the name maybe Red Panda?) but it was back in 2017 and he said solar would be too expensive and too hard to maintain because you would need so many panels to operate a semi large building with more than 10 rigs.

What I have is a parcel of land I could put a pre fab metal building on. A 40’x50’ a company nearby charges about 16-18k (depending on options) and its fully trimmed out with doors. They can put it up in 1 day. A concrete slab will cost about 5k. then I would have to figure in the solar panel installation and electrical wiring installation. So let’s just say I end up with 35k in the building off the start. I can use part of the building for my business to justify some of the costs for now. But my end goal would be to use the entire building for mining.

I guess what I’m looking for is if this is feasible at this stage of the game? Depending on my solar panel array size I’m guessing I could get my power bill down from 12 cents to maybe 5 cents per kiliowatt/hr?

If someone can provide some solid advice I’d appreciate it. I don’t mind hard work and taking some risk. Like I said if the crypto thing backfired I could always use it for my business. Thanks and take care.


Solar power is the future, along with crypto. You do know you can always sell the energy back to the grid right. You also get huge write-offs and tax abatements.

“If you build it they will come”

You guys are lucky. In South Africa, we have to declare solar and the government wants to tax us on it.

Funny thi g is we rely on coal powered plants and so would be doing the planet a favor

Go figure when you have an Uber corrupt government running the show…

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HI I’m sorry I’m no help to you but please keep us posted on your journey it will be fascinating to see how it goes the very best of luck