Crypto Mining and Banking

As the title states, any US-based folks have any luck with their mining business and securing a bank account? Specifically, as it relates to LLC’s, I am having zero, with a capital Z, luck getting a bank to touch me. If you don’t feel comfortable replying to the main thread, DM me, please. Thanks!

I operate a small data center that provides computer resource power to distributed business networks. However, the question regarding, administering, exchanging, operating with digital or virtual currencies kills me every time. Its often the last thing these banks ever ask after I’ve spent hours bank and fourth submitting docs and getting everything ready.

@VoskCoin have any wise words for this one :slight_smile:

I just opened an account with Capital One online. When you open it, it asks you what the name on the account is and i put XXxxXXX, LLC. and then under that i put my name for the debit card. Two years and its so far so good.


Wanted to close the loop on this one, I was able to get an LLC business account via Bank of America. It was very easy. After speaking to a CPA, he mentioned the banks I was trying to use were not Tier 1 and thus probably more risk-averse. Tried BofA online and fired it up no problem. Thanks @PTCrusader for your insights!