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Bitcoin mining is insanely profitable right now and so is Ethereum mining, the two biggest crypto coins ever and tens of millions of dollars of new coins are mined DAILY plus all of the transaction fees go back to the miners to increase crypto mining profitability. GPU mining is the most profitable it has been since 2017, and CPU mining is profitable even though there has not been a lot of interest and new coins launched with CPU mineable algorithms. FPGA mining is profitable, sort of, but to be honest FPGA mining is miserable and one of the worst financial investments and time investments a crypto miner can make. Let’s review why crypto mining is more profitable than ever, if mining is still worth it, and how to enjoy some sweet crypto mining earnings!

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ASIC mining profitability ranked -
GPU mining profitability ranked -
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21:54 What are the best mining rigs to buy right now?

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Crypto Mining is more profitable than EVER in 2021!