Crypto mining rig with AMD Ryzen 9 3950x compatibility. (Motherboard)?

Hello everyone, thank you in advance for your answers.

So I recently decided to create a custom mining rig since I have some spare parts. I am not really a tech guy speaking of PC components and their compatibility.

I have AMD Ryzen 9 3950x CPU and I have 6 Radeon VII (GPUs) took them out of my office so kind of lucky to have them.

  • have Crucial MX500 2.5” (250GB)

  • Corsair Vengeance LPX

So looks pretty badass for the moment. Now only need the motherboard and here when I got stuck. Need to make sure it is compatible with my set up and would fit all the parts listed above.

If some of you are familiar with building a mining rig, please help with the right choice, would really appreciate it. Or even if you have your own suggestions, please feel free to let me know.


All those cooling fans etc I got them, so ticked here as well.

Well, generally speaking any motherboard with 6+ PCI slots should be fine, as long as it is compatible with the CPU. You can look at a site like PC Part Picker to find compatible hardware ( ). Granted, it takes a little research to see how many slots are on each board.

Taking a quick look,a couple options that could work for that CPU would be a MSI X470 GAMING PLUS ATX AM4 Motherboard or ASRock X570 CREATOR ATX AM4 Motherboard. They seem to have enough slots for six GPUs (with risers being used).

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@Drone_Biker That’s good advice from @InvestYG.

There are lots of different mobos that are specifically made for GPU mining and they will be a lot cheaper than any mobo that will take that Ryzen 9 CPU, but most of them will only take low end Celeron or Pentium (usually Intel 6th or 7th Generation) because tbh, CPU mining is very fringe and makes little money. About the only thing worth CPU mining at the moment is Monero and even your badass CPU won’t make much money out of it. Of all my computers I only let my high end workstation CPU mine when I’m not using it but all my mining rigs have low end CPUs that don’t mine - they just run the rig.

If you are thinking of expanding the number of GPUs you are mining with and you don’t want to do it on a separate rig, you are really going to struggle to find a mobo for that CPU with more than 6 PCI slots.

So, if it was me, I’d keep the Ryzen for another computer build and buy a proper mining motherboard and low end CPU which will cost you about a quarter as much as any 6 PCI mobo you can buy for the Ryzen.

There is a conversation going on here Want to build my first Mining rig and @Asiukas6 gives some great advice on the pros and cons of different mining motherboards. Personally, I’m using all three of the motherboards mentioned.