Crypto Mining Rigs

Just a fun thread for sharing pictures of cryptocurrency mining rigs, your miners, a bitcoin miner you saw online, a new miner, whatever! If you add to this thread just make sure you label the miners in the picture if you can.

Palletized Bitmain Antminer S9 Bitcoin miners… really sums up BTC mining in 2016-2020 in one picture lol edit lol 3 am is too early to be up, these are whatsminers courtesy of @minerdude


Drew Vosk of VoskCoin walking through Core Scientific Dalton Georgia mining farm, looks like canaan avalonminers in the back? prob 900 series like 921? & yeah just went 3rd person lol


That is a pretty good size farm lol. I bet the voskcoin farm will be that big in a few years : ) oh also which key is 3rd person I forgot. Oh also can you pls do a picture of the firetruck in vosk HQ when its done. You never know when you might need one if you have miners :slight_smile:

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If Drew Vosk wants to talk about Drew Vosk in the thrid person, then Drew Vosk should go right ahead and talk about Drew Vosk

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