Crypto Phones Running on Crypto Networks?! Huge Potential - SOL, HNT, FTX News

Could the future of mobile usage be fueled by crypto? With Solana launching their own web3 phone, and Helium now running on the Solana blockchain with a 5G mobile network focus, what does the future look like for crypto and physical networking? Sub for more!

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Solana is not without its criticisms and faults - from centralisation concerns to complete stops, the blockchain is both loved and hated. Regardless of whether you like it though, they are definitely making waves in the crypto world. As a top 10 cryptocurrency, they are now looking to expand into bringing a Web3 phone to market, and with their recent switch to the SOL blockchain, could Helium be the network provider? From FTX and their involvement, to the explosive potential of Solana, let’s take a look at some of the most recent crypto news!

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Coral builds the Web3 phone of the future - Solana developer platform Coral raises $20M led by FTX, Jump Crypto to build web3's iPhone β€’ TechCrunch

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00:00 Solana, FTX update and recent drama
01:02 How is Solana doing right now?
01:40 Solana launching its own smartphone
03:09 Why did Solana go down?
05:12 How high can Solana go?
06:12 Helium $HNT is moving to Solana!
06:45 Solana has its own Embassy now?
07:19 HIP 70 and what it means for the Helium ecosystem
09:21 SBF pushing heavily into DeFi
10:53 BitBoy goes off
11:38 Coral raises $20 million in funding to build web3 iPhone
12:00 VoskCoin FTX review

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Crypto Phones Running on Crypto Networks?! Huge Potential - SOL, HNT, FTX News