Crypto to cash!

@VoskCoin make a video on how to turn our crypto into dollars, like the Coinbase debit card. I’d like to be able to buy anything, but I can’t buy anything but gift cards, other crypto, and more miners. Show us how it’s done

I got one of these:

I looked at’s card but it wasn’t going to work so well for me.
You don’t earn rewards for some types of purchases. The ones I know about are speeding fines and road tax as I tried those.
Also, I couldn’t buy flights on Air New Zealand but I can on Aircalin. ATMs work fine. The exchange fees are low if you’re travelling. So you might have some trouble with the occasional place that wants you to use a domestic card and not one from (i think) Singapore. Otherwise I’ve been very happy with it.
They have Earn (like Staking) and LP’s also if you want to park funds up for a return.

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I’ll give it a look. @VoskCoin still should do a video on this though

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