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Crypto YouTuber yeah I’m a full-time Crypto YouTuber, crypto investor, and cryptocurrency miner and today I’m going to review with it’s like being a full-time YouTuber, and how YouTube truly changed my life. Subscribe to VoskCoin to join me on this crazy crypto journey -

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These days a lot of people want to be YouTubers or influencers but this was previously looked down upon, and to be honest, I don’t even tell people I am a YouTuber when they ask what my job is. Even more specifically I, Drew Vosk of VoskCoin am a Crypto YouTuber which is an entirely different beast than general YouTube content. YouTubers eventually fall into their niche, your subscribers expect a certain type of content from you, and everyone will forever judge you on every single thing you do, say, wear, and well literally everything. Being a Crypto YouTuber is overwhelming, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency sector never stop, never sleeps, and is rapidly evolving and growing. VoskCoin was just a side-project for fun but after I lost my full-time job taking care of my sick Shiba Inu dog Tails Vosk I decided to focus full-time on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining as well as making Cryptocurrency news and review videos full-time on VoskCoin. Here’s my story on what is it really like to be a YouTuber, and even more so, what is it like being one of the most popular Crypto YouTube channels?

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Crypto YouTuber


Good video. Thanks for sharing your life and journey. Good luck on another 500K subs and 500 more videos.