CryptoCurrency Hardware for sale Free Shipping (I accept crypto guaranteed check / money order)

If anyone is interested in buying the following you can send me a email to

Antminer Z9 (500 cnd)
RX 470 8GB (300 cnd)
RX 480 8GB x2 (300 cnd)
RX 570 8GB x2 (300 cnd)
RX 580 8GB (300 cnd)

Open to offers on everything trustworthy person obviously with my global internet presence I am not going to steal your crypto I am a trustworthy seller.

Can you please upload a picture of your hardware and a piece of paper w/ a handwritten note containing the date and your username (each item or a picture of the lot)

It’s on our to-do list is to create a proper BST forum section here and that pretty much summarizes the only rule there.

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This would help get the farm going I suppose bit of a joke there the resolution is horrible It is paid and still showing that I owe where I dont in fact it even says I owe it 5000 when it owes me for all the pain and suffering its caused me but heres the photo.