Cryptominerbros a scam?

I saw an older post explaining he was part of a url scam. But I have ordered from and was wondering if anyone has purchased from


I can’t say forsure or not, it just seems a little shady.

I ordered July 3

On 7th I asked about my order, they told me it would be delayed because they are making testing videos on my devices. Said another 72-96 hours

9th they said I’d have my shipping info soon and it’ll be 5-7 days after.

I have not dealt with them and do not recommend them.

Yep they’re cool. I’ve dealt with them a few times and they delivered.

Well I really hope so. I’ll post if I get info or shipment

My question here is, if you saw a post about them being a scam… erm… why did you order from them? (or did you see the post after ordering maybe?)

but make sure it’s not those are scam!!! they tried to scam me though Redpanda channel

Did you ever get your product shipped? I’m considering buying from them.

we’ve personally never worked with them and thus cannot recommend them.

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Sorry for the delay.

I did receive all 3 miners on the 31st of July

I asked if they where the apw3 or awp7 and they said the power supply was 120v.

Well they two where the apw3 and other was apw7.

They also gave me 90 USD for shipping late, but part of the problem was a storm, the actual pick up to delivery took 11 days.

It’s hard to say if they would have just kept my money or not. All miners were working, a little dirty but over 1.5g for the 3 combined.

He offered a voucher for later use since the psu wasn’t as described. ($75 off)

Kinda disappointing, I feel like I would have done better on ebay, but I did get the miners and I feel a lot better about it. Comes with sending btc to people you don’t know