Did anyone deal with them?! And can confirm that they deliver?!


If qnyone is interested, i placed an order of Z15 qnd paid them in BTC. However, it was out if stock so they refunded with USDT as it was my choice of stablecoin

thanks for the feedback, I’ve personally never dealt w/ them so I cannot recommend them.

Hey Voskcoin im a huge fan have we spoke about buybitinvest just wanna verify sorry if this not time or place

scam, you weren’t speaking w/ me

Holy crap thank god i didnt send $5k i almost did!!! Hey have you ever heard fo the Veden Miner just wondering if you think its a decent miner thanks for your time!!

It happened to me on redpanda channel. Spoke with him he sent me vosks driving license!! 12k i almost sent!!