Cryptonomy Review - Real or SCAM?

Cryptonomy Finance boasts impressive interest rates and says they use Bitgo and Fireblocks to custody their cryptocurrencies, which are the two powerhouses for industrial players to do that but uh… they cannot provide any actual proof of that, and when I reached out to them Bitgo replied stating they DO NOT work with Cryptonomy…

Cryptonomy also photoshopped these photos…

Cryptonomy finance photoshop

Original photo by bnb chain developers

More details are explained in this video here, timestamped.

As always do your own research and come to your own conclusions, just sharing some data our team found!


Their logo is also nearly identical to Compounds?


Thank You Vosk. Heck of a catch you got there.
Those folks are aiming to do some real scammy-damage.
I laugh knowing you put frowny faces on the scammers , Cheers.


Hello together,

I was on this side today, sending some coins, clearly they got from my wallet, but never appeared on this site-wallet.
Well, shit.
It got promoted by Jake Gordon, ( who claims (in the same video) that he is sponsored by this site! For god knows, how long this rabbit whole goes. Police is informed, and guess I will take it to UK court. Such people should be put in jail.

Best wishes.


I definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone using cryptonomy. I am going through a terrible experience right now, I chose the flexible way that one can withdraw their funds at any time, trying to remove them to another wallet they rejected the operation and blocked all the funds, saying that I mischose the retirement option and yet I chose the fixed staking option, which freezes your funds for a year, being that totally fake since the funds had already passed them to the wallet to be then removed. Teaching them all the necessary evidence, they say that the mistake is mine and deny any responsibility.

What they do is to take over your funds for an unlimited time, they say the funds are in your control, but it’s totally fake they have control of your funds.

In return after so much insisting what they propose is to pay interest on a monthly basis for something that one has not chosen and they continue to keep all your funds.

This happened to someone else, but they’ve erased the forum review, I have it in case someone wants to read it.

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Cryptonomy is definitely a scam, which I’ve confirmed through personal experience.
I discovered it via two YouTubers I follow, and I’ve already alerted them about this deceit.
They’ve locked all my funds. When I complained about my money being deliberately blocked following a withdrawal attempt, they responded that they couldn’t do anything. They claimed the fault was mine and denied having any record of the incident, which is a blatant lie.
Their modus operandi is quite deceptive:
When you attempt to withdraw more than half of your funds, they freeze it in a “fixed deposit” for a year. They assure you that the money is still yours, but in reality, it’s inaccessible and effectively locked away indefinitely.
They don’t even allow you to withdraw the supposed interest; it’s all fabricated.
I have concrete evidence to back my claims. For instance, whenever a withdrawal is initiated, a confirmation email is sent, but the funds never arrive. As I found out when I checked my account, my money was unjustly locked.
Everyone should be cautious of these fraudulent operators; they’re essentially part of a criminal network.

Same situation here! 4+ months until my assets were incremenyrekeased. ZERO INTEREST PAID. They claim my interest was used to pay fines incurred from prematurely withdrawing assets. I’m now blocked by them. Good luck!

Cryptonomy is a scam. This is a Ponzi scheme. Have embezzled from me. I want to tell all my friends not invest in Cryptonomy. completely fraud site.

Cryptonomy is ponzi and fraud platform.

My name is Rajkumar Malani I am from India. I real tell you that Cryptonomy is scammer and fraud platform. Please dont invest on this platform.