Cryptospend - earn XRP using their physical/digital debit card

Hey guys, So I’ve been using Cryptospend for a while with no issues, it’s a debit card that you can spend Crypto or Fiat on and they give you rewards for spending using their card, it says up to 3% of purchase will be rewarded with XRP. With Crypto if you spend it on card it deducts 1-2% in your balance as transaction fees built in but I just realized if you pay using Fiat you get rewarded with XRP also. I spent $1500 roughly and got $47 in XRP rewards and there’s no additional fees for using Fiat, deposits are free and no transaction fees. So I thought that was pretty cool and worth sharing. I’m in Australia so I’m not sure if Crypto spend is available worldwide. Cheers and happy spending legends

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Great Card!
Guys do you know of any other card similar to this one “Cryptospend” that can be used in UK or Europe? I am looking for one that works in GBP or EUR currency and not AUD.