CryptoTab - A truly Honest review

Hello everyone,

I have been testing out CryptoTab Browser and have been documenting the rate of which I earn BTC from using the CryptoTab Browser.

There is a TL;DR, but I recommend you read what I have to say about it.

I’ll preface this topic stating that I’m not recommending the use of CryptoTab, this is more or less sharing my data and thoughts about this platform as there is very little HONEST information about it.
If you are undecided about CryptoTab Browser, this is really for you.

In case some of you might not know what CryptoTab Browser, I’ll summarize…

CrytoTab Browser is a Chromium browser which enables you to earn satoshi BTC overtime using your idle CPU time. Your hashrate will adjust depending on what else you are doing on the PC. The name of the game of CryptoTab is to socially market your referral link and grow your “Mining Network” for a % increase in earnings from using the browser.

Note: What your browser is actually doing is mining Monero XMR and they pay out to you in BTC.

They have a public payment journal

The browser also has a feature where you can purchase “Cloud Boosting” which is described as follows:

“Cloud Boost feature makes your mining speed 2/4/6/8/10 times faster. Once the boost is over, simply reactivate it by clicking the button again. You can choose a boost with up to 10x multiplier to max out the mining speed and earn ‘way more’ with the same hardware.”

The Cloud Boost lasts 3 hours at at time, which means you must reactivate it every 3 hours if you wish to keep it on. You can automate this by using an Mouse clicking script with a task scheduler able to run that script. BUT PLEASE keep reading as there is some data that is worth noting.

I used 10x Cloud Boost which costs $21.99 for one device.

The Cloud Boost makes your H/s look impressive and everything, by applying exactly 10x whatever your base hash rate would be.

Onto the part that I really want to share, all the data I have is manually recorded and I’ll do my best to make it simple.

The data recorded is solely around the Earnings I achieved by using the CryptoTab Browser, while under the condition of “Normal” use of the PC. “Normal” as in I typically might use the PC for about 3 hours actively, either by playing a video game or social networking or watching videos.

During the Cloud Boosting, I utilized a clicker script and task scheduler to ensure maximum uptime of the 10x Cloud Boost.

My CPU is an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and was able to (apparently) achieve about 7kH/s in the browser. The hash rate, with and without Cloud Boost, I believe is INFLATED from what you are actually achieving, as mining XMR on this CPU doesn’t come anywhere close. (But I dont know anything about actual mining yet so maybe you more experienced XMR miners can shed some light)

After 8 hours without Cloud Boost, I was able to earn… 309 satoshi per hour, which would be about 222480 satoshi or around $22 USD a month.

I activated 10x Cloud Boost and began more regular recording of my earnings.
Over 114.75 of recorded time over about 5 days, my earnings were about 1314.66 satoshi per hour, which works out to be a 325.46% increase in earnings. No where close to 10x earnings, but they didnt promise that either.

I stopped recording data for a few days as I was pretty busy outside of the house but managed to get some withdraws out. My last withdraw confirmed the night of May 19th.

This is where it got interesting…

Every morning I would at least look to see that Cloud Boost was working still and to get a glimpse of where I was at for the day. This morning (May 20th) was a little different… I noticed that I had not earned as much as I expected to overnight, so I started recording for the day.

After 8 hours, I found to be earning 450 satoshi per hour (-65.77% from my average with 10x Cloud Boost). Cloud Boost was running all day as well.

I decided to record 3 more hours tonight, and my satoshi per hour was 472.

I then decided to record another hour without cloud boosting, and I was down to 43 satoshi per hour.(-90.89% decrease from earlier)

That sounds like a scam doesn’t it? Maybe. Probably. Depends on what kind of assumptions we can make.

The CryptoTab Browser (Base, no Cloud Boost) was most likely NOT made for the kind of use I made of it. It was likely created to enable the everyday computer user to earn really small amount of satoshi overtime by doing basically nothing but letting it run while they use their computer, while promoting the act of participating in their pyramid scheme and getting all your friends (or in the likely case, strangers on the internet) to join your mining network.

The Cloud Boost however is Misleading. Before you purchase the boost, it does not tell you that you must reactivate it every 3 hours. That was actually a surprise once I subscribed but I shrugged it off and made a solution to automate the process.

Buying the 10x Cloud Boost DOES NOT mean you make 10x the earnings as some might assume, I learned this on day one of having Cloud Boost.

Then finally, about the hidden threshold. You might have noticed that the satoshi I had withdrawn sums up to be about 237,537 or about $23.

I honestly believe that there is a cap to how much you can earn off Cloud Boost, which kind of makes sense from their business perspective… because if there was no cap, I’d be looking at about $95 in BTC a month, which kind of feels like an expense on their end. I think that this cap was a threshold that was not meant to be hit, but was there to prevent people like me from taking full advantage of the Cloud Boost.

They will throttle anyone who tries to abuse the system and it doesn’t just apply to your Cloud Boost, it effects your base earnings as well, which implies that the administrators of this program have complete control over particular user’s ability to earn.

What will I do from here about CryptoTab?

I plan to sign off from CryptoTab for a few days, maybe a week, then record some more data to see if anything changed. I expect not.

At the end of the day… I plan to get into real mining soon and have already began to invest in crypto, and leave this CryptoTab thing behind entirely.

TL;DR / Summary
CryptoTab Browser may be a good start for someone looking to make a little satoshi while you browse the web. HOWEVER, I strongly advise that you do not try to use their Cloud Boost in order to attempt to mine 24/7 as it just wouldn’t be worth leaving your PC on 24/7, open to a strange company with no real public image other than people sharing their referral links everywhere you look about it. By purchasing Cloud Boost, you WILL probably lose money unless you leave the browser up nearly 24/7 with automation long enough to break even.


I would just mine XMR directly and use Brave Browser for passive crypto earning from a browser but it is probably something interesting for people intimidated by setup a miner on their computer. This was an amazing write up though and I will probably still check it out based on that alone. lol

I agree that CryptoTab is very convenient for what it does, somewhat caters to those who might be less patient and want to see themselves earn on a daily basis, without any real expense.
Whereas, as far as I know so far using my same setup, XMR mining takes far longer to reach a payment which may not be for some people. It does appear to be profitable however.

yes but to get the payment sooner you had to make a payment of almost equal value lol

That, and you would have to rely on third party software to keep the boost active to break even.

I try not to take a dump on it but its hard not to the more I think of it.

yes and there is the the scam, you are basically loaning them $21 and the only way to get it all back is to make sure you click that button every 3 hours the people that don’t probably do not get all their money back I bet, I would also bet your hashrate never actually increases they are just slowly adding the money you gave them to your payout to make it seem like you are earning more through your hardware

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also if you sell your hashpower to Nicehash you get a payout every four hours even if its only a penny or 1 satoshi