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U couldn’t get nice hash to work with my 1080 and the installed driver. Then a previously minor electrical problem became a major one. Our home was built in 1903 and retrofitted with electrical service who knows when and again and again. Fully 2/3 rds of the house was on on circuit. My wife and son are working from home with their systems on said circuit. I turned on my Dell with the 1080 and the breaker tripped. Multiple times. So the Dell sat idle for several months $6,000.00 and a royally FUBARed job later we have a new meter housing and an 150amp breaker box. 50 amps is being fed to the barn shaped shed I built years ago. Now to attempt mining again. Vosk coin had Cudominer sponsor one of the videoes I watched. I tried it and viola it didn’t care about the driver and started CPU & GPU mining right away. I ordered at the wall watt meters and used one this am. 295 watts to run the Dell and GPU. The Dell has an 850 wat PSU. I dug out the 1660 I obtained and jury-rigged the electrical connections to the 1660, turned everything on, and boom, it’s now hashing at double the rate using 530 watts. If I had the room I could place another GPU on this PSU. Now to populate the Panda miner case I have…

CudoMiner is running my 1660 as a 1080. I would replace it with my other 1080 except I lack electrical receptacles in the computer case. The 1660 takes 1 8 pin, the 1080 takes 1 8 & 1 6 pin cable. Yes I could use a splitter but that could put too high of a load on that one outlet.

Cudo finally recognized my 1660 and my hash rate went up.

Just added my second 1080 in the case and placed the 1660 open air. Hashing at 64.5 mh/sec. Now to populate my server case.