Custom build free power generator

hello everyone. i was talk in couple member posts about free power. so my brother today received last part of my project. end of his month i will receive all parts from my brother for my project. parts cost 200eur in total not including delivery from brother location to my location. reason why parts coming first to my brother as we living in 2 different countries and in my country couple parts are no delivering by seller. first test will be done for power up 1x monitor and old mother for cpu mining around 200watt, second test planing to asic s9k 1350watt and last test power up my 6x rx580 rig. why interesting in project keep traking his post as end of month im start build and post hole work process

I’m always interested in finding ways to reduce my power costs. Keep the info coming - keen to see how it all works out.

i will keep posting work progress as i thing will be alot person interested to build same in home as is not really expensive project 200eur maybe will be little bit more because right now is just on paper all project with some calculations plus is not required alot space. im try to made it to run 12x rx580 basically try made to hold around 3000watt generator

also some person in his forum help me with so ideas to build rig and some mining stuff so i will also post my projects to help reducing electric cost. also i see some persons still have asic miner like everyone know asic no more profitable like s9 i hold same asics it was reason found way to bring asics online

little bit update: i buy yesterday motherboard for testing h81 pro btc,i3 cpu,4gb ram just for 20eur. now looking psu 700watt, and try found or some one from friends have tig or plasma welder also today received 2x arduino uno,1x arduino pro mini, 5x stepdowns 12v to 5v,nextion 2.4inch touch lcd, power meter 100a, tachometer 12v. make custom controller for mother power/restart buttons and auto start/stop for generator and some other functions