Custom requirements

I’m new obviously. I have a question about custom requirements. I want to order the Antminer S19j Pro 104TH/s but I noticed on the Bitmain website under the product there is a disclaimer under notes that reads like this. “Please click here to refer to the all certificates of the products. Please research on your local custom requirements before purchasing from Bitmain. In the case of any custom delay or shipment return due to the lack of certification, Bitmain will not be held liable.” I live in VA is this something I should address? Thanks

This means you will pay 27 percent in addition to what you pay to bitmain. Better to buy from a trusted vendor on If you don’t trust anyone, then by all means the route you’re taking would be the safest bet.

So that fee will be added to the cost of the product? I was going to buy it from this site

You can thank Donald Trump for that fee. It’s the tariffs due on any Chinese exports that enter the USA. It does not matter which vendor you buy from you will be liable for those taxes. Unless of course the vendor you buy from decides to falsify their shipping documents in order to evade the tax. Buy from these vendors at your own risk. The USA does not have a VAT tax on goods. If you don’t like the tariffs contact your local congressman and complain about it. The more people complain the more likely they will dump these Trump tariffs.

here’s a link in case anyone is skeptical

I hate to be “that guy” but you should pay your taxes at least for the reason that if you don’t, the IRS will be after you. And nobody wants to be on the IRS’s bad side.

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Understood! I don’t have a problem with it I just wanted to be sure. Thanks

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I want to order the Antminer S19j Pro 104TH/s as well and have the same concern regarding customs and import taxes. When and how are they paid? Did you receive your order without issue?

Custom fees are usually handle by the logistic company. So whatever company they pick for delivery.