Customs duty tax

1.) I am buying a couple miner for around $12,000.00 a piece from China…Does anyone have any idea on how much the customs duty tax will be?? (say there not lowering the invoice price) total= $22,000.00

2.) How do you know which customs area to get in touch with to pay duty tax?? The last ones I ordered were from Coin Mining Central and they had a no duty tax deal for the USA, so I don’t know what the additional cost would be.

25% of the total paid, they will reach out and bill you mid shipment typically.

Who did you buy from this time?


You’ll get taxed on whatever value that you declared when you ordered. If you ordered with insurance, they use the actual amount so if it’s lost or damaged, you get all your money back.

As Robert said, the amount you declare when checking out

In the box below this:

Declared Price Per Unit*[If this declared price is rejected by the logistics, your order will be declared at the original price.]