Daily deposits other than Nicehash?

Is there another reliable option or pool to mine with that will give me daily deposits (or earlier) to my wallet besides NiceHash? I don’t have enough power right now to reach the pools’ thresholds in 1 day, but I don’t want the little bit I mined just sitting there either. At this point, I am switching between f2pool, nicehash, and nanopool. Thanks for the feedback.

What coin(s) are you mining on nanopool and f2pool?

Nanopool - ETH, ZEC, ETC
NiceHash - whatever it sets too, but lately I have been getting a lot of errors and it doesn’t mine correctly. The error it gives me is on Claymore’s miner and itnsays there isn’t enough memory for something (I don’t remember)
F2pool - Ravencoin, Monero (CPU)

4gb GPU? I have had better luck with Phoenixminer over Claymore

I don’t use Claymore, but that’s what Nicehash launches automatically.

so you are using Windows and Nicehash? If not what operating system?

Yes, windows and the nicehash app. When I mine on Nanopool, I use nanominer and Gminer. I ordered my rig today, so I can put all of the GPUs on it and it’s dedicated to mining.

I am still learning about Windows rigs but I am planning to switch to windows so I can BIOS edit my cards I guess if you still need some ideas down the road ill come back when I learn more

Very easy to use windows for mining I’m learn in couple days how to use. On beginning have some problem with low hash on 6 rx580 8gb. Now is runing 30-31hash. I’m use claymore mining on ethermine. Claymore and msiafterburner start automatically

If not nought memory you need change virtual memory I’m runing 6 rx580 virtual memory 30000 runing without error

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Start_control panel_system_advance system settings_advanced_in performance press settings_advanced in virtual memory press change_unselect automatical manage,select custom size : initial size 30000,maximum size 30000 press set_ok_apply_ok restart pc. I’m try below 30000 not working get error not enough memory.