Dealing with growing DAG

So the DAG on ETH is pushing the 4GB mark this is causing 4gb cards to slow down and as it continues to grow it will slow down the 8gb cards too right? I was wondering maybe this gives AMD an edge. All you need is one AMD VII for that huge 16gb VRAM make that your primary card and you can run whatever AMD cards you wants behind it even 4gb cards and it should boost the performance of all of your cards? I have no idea how any of this works I just read some stuff about hashrates slowing and the large DAG was being blamed. Anyone have any thoughts one this?

Your GPU(s) need to have sufficiently large memory to hold the DAG-file in its entirety. Apart from that, hashrates are unaffected by DAG-file size aswell as available memory in your GPU(s).
Larger memory size, if anything, is future-proofing your ETH rig for larger DAG-files. But make no mistake, the memory speed(in Hz) is the work horse for the DaggerHashimoto algorithm.

My rig have had a constant 305 MH/s while running for well over two years now. But since ETH2 is moving to a Proof-of-Stake revamp I’ll just have to wait and see how ETH1 will hold up for miners.
ETH is very uncertain for miners, just FYI.


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