Decentralized Exchanges on Solana! Best SOL DEX?

Decentralized Exchanges on Solana! Best SOL DEX? Solana one of the best blockchains, cheap fees, huge NFT support and exciting projects building and launching on Solana, what’s their Uniswap AMM?? Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Solana is a booming blockchain, and SOL has proven to be one of the best cryptocurrency investments of the decade and yet its ecosystem is only beginning. Much like when Ethereum initially skyrocketed it proved there was still a lot of room for that coin to run, now with use projects building on the Solana blockchain it will further the use-case for SOL as well as grow the community leading to big returns on the right projects building on the Solana blockchain. Decentralized Exchanges, DEXs are huge, AMM automated market makers like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and Sushiswap are worth billions of dollars EACH, we are still searching for the dominant Uniswap clone for Solana and when that DEX is chosen by the majority of Solana DeFi users it will be worth a billion or more! Let’s review if Alf Protocol could be the next Uniswap, but on Solana?!

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00:00 Uniswap on the Solana blockchain?
01:22 FTX and the future of Solana trading
03:12 The exciting potential of Alf Protocol
04:45 Alf tokenomics & funding
06:07 Alf DAO and their yield farming
08:20 Alf Protocol and the growing DeFi market
11:04 Arbitrary Curves in Alf Protocol
12:29 VoskCoin Alf Protocol Review

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Decentralized Exchanges on Solana! Best SOL DEX?