Deeper network mining!

I’m wondering about the deeper network dose anybody think its worth it?


I was just watching a craptube video about it sounds interesting its a vpn of some kind also and mines DPR coins but I’m not sure how it works, talks about having to have a stake to mine. I was looking to buy some coins to hold have to use uniswap for 0.06.


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I have ordered a Deeper Connect Mini and Deeper Connect Nano before they sold out on Indigogo. I hope I didn’t just waste $533 on them.

I did the same, not sure if I can even use two but it sounded like a good investment!!

Anyone have any updates on these? I just got my mini in. You’re supposed to be able to mine Dpr and helium if you buy the dongle for helium mining. I haven’t got a chance to mess with it yet.

hey where did you get yours?

I bought mine on fast miners. Deeper Connect Mini - Mining Edition - FastMiners

Hey everyone, I’m thinking to participate in the DPR project. What tutorials would you guys recommend to understand how much to stake, which devices do what, etc? Also, what are some things you wish you would have known when you started working on the DPR project?

How did it work out? Did you receive it yet and what’s the profitability? I keep stopping right before I pull the trigger to order a miner.

I received mine and have been mining with it for maybe two months or so. I only staked enough coins to get me to the 200 credit score so I am only making like 8-9 Dpr a day which doesn’t amount to much right now. If the project catches on and the price of the coin goes up I can see it doing pretty good.
One thing I wish is that when I set mine up the BSC option wasn’t a thing yet so I got to pay a big gas fee to stake my 11,000 coins :woozy_face:

I do plan to buy up DPR while it’s cheap and when my staking time is up redo it at a higher credit rating with bsc to save the gas fee

Why did you use fastminer rather than buying directly from DPR?

So, I hear good news so far about the Deeper Network but just like SalesforceMaster I wanted to know why you didn’t buy from Deeper Connect and spent $100 more from Deeper Network – ? Deeper Network looks good but I wanted to check with my peoples. Any advice?

Running mine since August. Still early in the project so I am not concerned. I staked enough to start at Tier 3 and bought my DPR at .101 so I am about breakeven on the staked amount but have made about 2300 DPR so far from staking. I am doing nothing but holding it and will continue staking for a year or two to see where the project goes.

did you get it?

I got a different miner from fastminers - a helium miner. But they were super fast shipping. I got it in two days. They ship from San Diego, CA.
If you want Pico DPR miner, I have them in hand and will sell for $149 with free shipping.
I got a few during the kickstarter and I want more people to be a part of this project.

How much did the 10000 tokens cost to start mining?

If you stake 10,000 dpr it will cost you $1026 at todays DPR price of .1026
You can stake as little as 1,000 to start but you wouldn’t start earning for 30 days.
5,000dpr gets you earning immediately.

How much does the Pico earn compared to the Mini?

They earn exactly the same. earning is based on staked amount of DPR and shared bandwidth. If its connected to the internet, its earning. Dont forget you are also getting a lifetime vpn you can carry in your pocket.