Defi - Binance Vs Matic

Hi All,

I’ve been watching the YouTube channel for a while but now just joined the forum and discord group.

I’ve built up a bit of value over the past year mainly trading coins on the binance exchange. The world of defi always seemed a little daunting so I put it on hold. However, I’ve spent some time researching and have sufficient value where it makes sense to earn further passive income through defi.

I want to ideally start with one platform, and stuck between where to start. The title kinda gives it away but I’m looking at Binance and Matic.

Matic has interested me recently as I held some coins during recent pumps (missed the pumps on BnB). Having researched matic it looks like there are really good staking opportunities through AAVE where you can be rewarded in matic and compound it. The added interest here is the ability to borrow stable coins and actually earn further rewards that exceed the cost to borrow.

However, on this channel I see a preference towards binance and pancakeswap so I’m not sure whether o should just cash in my matic and move funds over to there.

Some advise would be greatly appreciated. Any thoughts on pros/cons would be great.


I too, am interested on this. I recently switch my HTPC mining rig payout from ETH to maWETH to swap for Matic. Now, I am searching around for how to delegate my Matic.

Every Mainnet has their own swaps and earning oppurtunities

Both BSC and Matic are good in their own way
The problem is the bridging of assets in Matic from ethereum to Matic which costs 10-15$ Gas
will do a writeup here soon to make that cost negligible…

BSC is a fast growing DeFi space with all new projects been hosted there and having pancakeswap,apeswap,etc. etc. you can Provide liquidity in Farms or stake their native tokens in pools to earn other crypto

Matic(Polygon) is a Layer 2 solution of Ethereum having DApps built for various use cases including DeFi
It is not just limited to Aave, but many Apps like SushiSwap, HoneySwap supports Matic
You can also provide Liquidity in Quickswap, clone of Uniswap on Matic

@GFOviedo You can get all info for staking from here Polygon Web Wallet v2