Dero cpu gpu mining

Hey was wondering if anyone is mining Dero or has in the past? Any tips or advice. Or is there any other crypto you think is better.

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I’ve mined Dero (wish I did more in the past). No real tips or tricks that are coin specific, IMO.

Other crypto though… It’s a subjective answer so I’ll provide my sources.
So I assume if you already mine Dero you understand cryptonight and how to run your own mining program. I assume you use XMR-Stak or Team red or XM_rig (or a version/variation of those)? << that is a nearly complete list of all cryptonight minable coins with all the related info you need with all pools listed.
But you almost need a lot more than just list, so cross refence that with pay attention to daily trade volumes and amounts. Alternatively, use TradeOgre as a place to find the “Coins” you want to mine as that exchange is a Coin exchange, only a couple Tokens. That exchange is known as the “miners exchange” due to wallets.

I can try to recommend a couple but “better” … well , there is a lot of angles to that. Market Projection, pool/network strength’s and a personal preference level.
I’ll start with the long shot, AVN Avian, a fork from RVN Ravencoin that occurred in late Nov 2021 (it’s new). The #1 source for that coins info would be the mining pool that helped RVN dev’s pioneer AVN, . You can mine it many places, but read the info at coinminerz just to make sure you are “in on” the newest info about a new coin. My best feeling about that particular coin is that RVN Devs created it, it was not an offshoot/rebel concept/group. (AVN is High risk IMO)
I like mining Mid sellers on TradeOgre. I can tell by the roaming pack of mining ape’s that I’m not alone. They are chasing the “profit”. I don’t really care as long as it’s generally worth it. I have a counter plan to the ape army miners, just mine straight through. They are causing the profitability to run from them. Every time they flood a coins network it dives, they leave it pumps. So I just hodl until the “fad” leaves my coin pool and cash in when the difficulty dumps due to the miners abandoning the pool. (>then the price goes up, they start mining the coin again> price dumps ect ect>re-cycle). I trade for a living so excuse me if that sounds nutty. For me, I trade my cryptonight on 2-6 month cycles and mine to supplement that or explore emerging Coins.

Hope my reply is the thoughts/info you were looking for.

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