Designing Amish Shed for Hard Drive Mining!

I am designing an amish shed for hard drive mining, and it’s harder than i thought to build your own mini data center. I want to earn passive income with a dedicated HDD mining farm earning passive income farming Chia XCH but need your help designing it! Best HDD miners - h

PLEASE help me design this HDD mining shed to be better lol - Converting a shed into a Hard Drive Mining Data Center
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I want to build a long-term chia xch farming HDD hard drive mining farm and really would love your help in the design process, I’ll be using several garage storage racks and eventually, deploy a couple server racks as well.

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00:00 designing the Harddrive mining shed
00:39 From Amish shed to DIY Data center!
02:12 What is Chia coin?
03:41 What will be the Chia price?
04:48 Mining chia with plug and play miners
06:31 How much energy do Chia miners use?
07:35 How much will the full shed cost?
09:22 The shed design
13:02 Is weight going to be a issue?
14:33 Is this design even big enough?
16:35 What do you think I should do?

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Designing Amish Shed for Hard Drive Mining!

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