Determining dead cryptocurrencies

Hey guys,

I started mining ~6 months ago so my life is now Discord channels and CPU / GPU / FPGA tinkering, with some research in whatever spare hours I have left. Working full-time fits in there somewhere too.

Mostly I stick with the bigger projects, however sometimes I like to play a bit of shitcoin bingo on something more obscure. This has led me to a question I need help with…

How do you tell if a crypto is dead? What are the telltale signs?

My current issue is Argoneum. Hash Altcoin has them top of the list for daily profitability with the F1+ A look at their website seems current enough, but when you look closer there are typos, incomplete pages and their roadmap just kind of… stops.
However, a check of their github shows a release a month ago, and that wallet seems alive enough - I’ve installed it and it’s syncing fine.

What am I missing here? Or is this just a project horribly behind schedule?

I’m very interested in how you guys gauge a “dead” crypto, moreso than whether this particular coin is dead. I’m just using it as an illustrative example.

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