Diagnosing mini doge 2 hashboard

Hello all im looking for some guidance on diagnosing an issue with my mini doge 2. I had a faulty control board that i replaced after buying 5 boards direct from goldshell. All was well for a short time with the hash rate over 400. The hashrate starting dropping off slowly and now the miner has a solid red light meaning failure to power hashboard. Ive tried swapping control boards again just to rule the issue out to no avail. Firmware is 2.2.2 goldshell support is not willing to help aside from returning the miner to them ($240 shipping one way) and its not under warranty so id like to avoid that if possible since it will easily be the same price as a new unit once all is said and done. What else can cause failure to power up the hashboard ? As stated have tries multiple known good control boards and also have 3 good psus rated at 750w. Blue light is flashing miner is connected to pool , fans are operating

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It could be the pool settings or the pool it self.